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A few safety guidelines for electric chain hoists

January 20, 2013

chain hoist, electricElectric Chain Hoist is an important material-handling tool, which is usually used to lift large and heavy objects quickly. Although, Chain Hoists are very handy and can save a lot time and labor, improper handling of this equipment can lead to serious damages.

At the outset, Electric Chain Hoists should always be handled in accordance with the safety regulations. It should never be used to hoist loads when the people are near. Furthermost, the area where the hoist is being operated should be kept clear of people in order to avoid any mishaps. Most importantly, no one should be allowed to work under the hoisted loads as a bit of negligence can lead to someone’s death

The Electric Chain Hoist should only be operated as per the safety and usage manual provided with it by the manufacturer. Make sure that the worker in charge of the hoist operation has undergone a training session and understood the devices completely. The hoist operator should also get a physically and mental fitness report from a registered medical practitioner, doctor or hospital. It is your duty to check the authentication of these documents.

The Electric Chain Hoist you use should have all the safety features like lower/upper limit switches, low voltage controls and an emergency stop button. This will help the operator to deal properly in case any unwanted event occurs.


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